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Cleaning and maintaining a saxophone by eastharlemghost
Rule of thumb... I.M.P.Opinion. First, very special attention needs to be given to a new horn, or a newly overhauled saxophone. The old school manner to break in a horn is the same manner you would break in a car, easy does it. Maintain your rods oiled Don't drink syrupy liquids or beer, just water at the end of your sessions Run your pull swab through the horn to remove excess saliva, ...
Checking a sax for leaky keys by eastharlemghost

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by admin - 1 hour ago
I just figured out how to load the pictures. Not the best quality but the best I could do. BTW there is no damage or red rot to the horn.
by Guest - 7 hours ago
Im still selling Selmer bass sax but not till 2015 and only local to Philadelphia PA
by rick - 9 hours ago
i am trying to find out about a leblanc 14849 , mother of pearl inlay. i found on it was paris france lablanc , kenosha, wisconsin
by Guest - 11 hours ago
Would anyone know the ballpark value of a Selmer 301A Clarinet that is in very good to excellent condition? It has the Fobes Debut original mouthpiece. Thanks!
by Rob - 17 hours ago
I think its a CONN,it has roll over key holes. What would be its value. John
by John Bender - 1 day ago
Thanks! Much appreciated!
by Rob - 1 day ago
i c can get a new one about $150 posted... email me through my website... cheers,philip
by secondhandsaxes - 1 day ago
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