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Checking a sax for leaky keys by eastharlemghost
First, check the pads. Then, if you have a sax light, check to see if you have any leaks. You can do this simple procedure yourself. Check above the F key, there should be two adjustment screws on a long rod... see them? This adjustment is easy to do. Run the light into the top of your horn and settle it where the F and G# are. Now, hold down and open, repeat with either your lower Bb or ...

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mike,chill out..how about this..could you tell me how old it is.thanks
by paul - 14 hours ago
I play on a Yamaha Advantage alto sax with the stock mouthpiece and a Vandoren #3 reed. When I play high G# (not altissimo G#) the note comes out but it also plays the G# below that ...
by Ben - 14 hours ago
Thank you Wayne,I wasn't sure if I should or not.Now I know,thanks again.I admit I don't know very much.I will look local. Thank you, ...
by Chris - 1 day ago
I have an alto saxophone that says Reynolds #212200 I can't find any information about this or its value. Can anyone help me?
by Guest - 1 day ago
Where would I find the serial number on a Parisian Ambassador, purchased approximately in 1962 new
by Guest - 1 day ago
how much would also saxophone C.G Conn PATD DEC. 8 <phone> C 85606 L worth ? I can not figure it out what to do with it thanks
by lena alex - 1 day ago
I would really like to l know how much my also sax worth it is C.G Conn PATD DEC. 8 <phone> C 85606 L Thanks
by lena alex - 1 day ago
Conn 1957 Shooting Star Neck Wanted! I just bought this gorgeous Silver horn but the neck piece is definitely not original, though it fits and plays perfectly. Anyone know where I can ...
by Jim - 2 days ago
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