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Buying A Sax Off Of Ebay by Azuka. by Average Joe
Credit for this post goes to azuka. Ebay is a much different experience today than it was when I first learned of it in 1997. Looking back, it's kind of amazing that it survived all the blatant scams and vulnerability of innocent buyers or ...
What do you recommend purchasing to get the "best value, non-student" Alto Sax for less than $1000? by azuka
I would definitely go with used, and be very open to vintage. To get an intermediate or better sax brand new for under $1000 is a tough proposition. I think one of the better values out there are Phil Barone saxes. Brand new they will cost over ...
E.J. Albert saxophones by Average Joe
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Muchas gracias, lo encontre en un pequeño pueblo de mi país que recibe donaciones de europa y me pareció muy interesante ya que tampoco había visto un mark así. el dueño pide 200 usd. ...
by daniel55 - 5 hours ago
that will be good.... cheers,philip
by secondhandsaxes - 20 hours ago
selmer alto AS300 in excellent condition for sale. $375.00 www.saxophonepeople.com/images
by Heatherbro - 1 day ago
Thanks Philip Yeah I was thinking the very same thing!
by Craig - 1 day ago
BTW, Just in case you are wondering, the 1914 date stamp references the William S. Haynes drawn tone hole process patent used in the manufacture of the horn, and is not the date it was ...
by Average Joe - 2 days ago
well on alto i use a meyer 6MM.... this would be fine for you to start on.... if going for the yamaha mouthpiece i would say a 5CM at least.... cheers,philip
by secondhandsaxes - 2 days ago
hello there...its a martin handcraft alto saxophone and dated around 1925.... looks to be in rough shape....these are not that desirable and fetch only a few hundred dollars at maximum..... ...
by secondhandsaxes - 2 days ago
The 200AD is the entry level sax and a good fit for a beginning student. If you got a great deal on a 82ZB you should probably go for it, but I'd be reluctant to let a new student use it ...
by azuka - 2 days ago
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