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Buying A Sax Off Of Ebay by Azuka. by Average Joe
Credit for this post goes to azuka. Ebay is a much different experience today than it was when I first learned of it in 1997. Looking back, it's kind of amazing that it survived all the blatant scams and vulnerability of innocent buyers or ...
What do you recommend purchasing to get the "best value, non-student" Alto Sax for less than $1000? by azuka
I would definitely go with used, and be very open to vintage. To get an intermediate or better sax brand new for under $1000 is a tough proposition. I think one of the better values out there are Phil Barone saxes. Brand new they will cost over ...
E.J. Albert saxophones by Average Joe

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Hi everyone,Responding to your feedback we have set up two new sites.www.mycatadvisor.com - a community focused on catswww.reptilesadvisor.com - a community focused on reptilesIf you have ...
by jade - 2 days ago
This is a model 94M Cavalier stencil for Continental Music Company under their Clarion brand. The Continental Clarion brand was introduced in 1937. Cavalier was a line of the Pan American ...
by badenia - 7 hours ago
We require good photos of the entire horn, front and back, for such assistance.
by Average Joe - 9 hours ago
In order to get anything approaching an accurate monetary evaluation, you will need to provide good photos of the entire horn, front and back, per our guidelines.
by Average Joe - 9 hours ago
are both of these metal mouthpieces?.... i find it hard to say what is the best sound when comparing mouthpieces,as they are all different... cheers,philip
by secondhandsaxes - 15 hours ago
good one...enjoy the horn and hopefully you can pass it on to your grand-kids one day.... cheers,philip
by secondhandsaxes - 1 day ago
age between 5-30 years old....value between $50-450....its hard to value when we don't see it...cheers,philip
by secondhandsaxes - 1 day ago
sometimes best if a professional cleans them up.... photos are important,as we can't see what you can see.... cheers,philip
by secondhandsaxes - 3 days ago
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