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Repadding a horn: Not a DIY project! by Average Joe
Repadding a horn is a very complex process. Despite mechanical ability, the learning curve to get the horn sealing and playing properly is quite dramatic. There are a tremendous number of processes and tricks of the trade that guarantee that your ...
Bruno, Conn Stencils, and C-Melody Overview. by Average Joe
INQUIRY: I need some clarification on a sax I recently found. It reads: Perfection Made in USA Bruno NY PATD Dec 8, 1914 C P4430 L ANSWER: Bruno was a NY based music retailer. They contracted with manufacturers to have ...

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I'm tryng to buy one ,it is a horne that seems be in good conditions. It Is from 1984-85. I can buy it for 1300E, but I have an other offert about a Yamaha Custom EX that have 5 years ...
by manyman - 1 hour ago
E354900 does indeed indicate a manufacture date of 1965 as Philip correctly states. These were the later "Artist" series incarnations of the 10M-6M "Standard" line, but without the "lady ...
by Average Joe - 1 hour ago
looks like a nice vintage saxophone and could be from 1949 as your other post asks.... i presume it sounds really lovely as these old horns do usually... cheers,philip
by secondhandsaxes - 7 hours ago
First of all thank you for your reply!My English is very bad,Need computer translation to communicate。I wonder if his production time,S/n49858 was produced in ...
by duzhen121 - 10 hours ago
Checked to determine if it is a HIGH PITCH or LOW PITCH against a digital tuner, not just the condition of the horn. To reiterate, if it is the former, it is just about worthless. If it is ...
by Average Joe - 1 day ago
You must provided clear photos of the entire horn, front and back, per our rules for us to assist you.
by Average Joe - 2 days ago
yes mate....takes time,many years of trials and errors and with lots of help from your technician friends....cheers,philip
by secondhandsaxes - 3 days ago
If you intend to play it, a repad isn't a bad investment. However, if your intent is to flip it for a profit, absolutely not. The repad will cost more than the student model horn is worth.
by Average Joe - 4 days ago
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