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Can you learn to play the saxophone on your own? by azuka
Although it is possible to learn how to play the saxophone (or clarinet, trumpet etc.) on your own, I would strongly urge you to find someone local from whom to take lessons. Some communities have special community bands specifically for the adult ...
Jean Baptiste saxes by azuka
How good are Jean Baptiste saxophones? The thing with Jean Baptiste saxes is that they are a house brand of Sam Ash music stores. Sam Ash farms out production and can change factories from year to year. At one time these horns were made by the ...

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I think he just wants to list it for sale.
by Average Joe - 1 day ago
You have a horn manufactured by Vito/Leblanc, and branded with their Noblet student to intermediate model line. It is very similar to the Vito "Duke" model. These sell in the sub $800 ...
by Average Joe - 2 days ago
Hard to be really specific about value when we have no photos and don't know the condition. Please upload photos showing both sides, front, and back of the horn. A Mark VI in that range ...
by azuka - 2 days ago
It is a Chinese made, student level sax offered by Selmer USA. If you are seeking a detailed review of the horn, I suggest that you read Stephen's excellent article here: ...
by Average Joe - 2 days ago
Good luck! Believe it or not, I found one on Ebay that needed just a bit of work. After a more than a year of playing I've put an overhaul on it and it's truly sweet!
by RLBruner - 3 days ago
We have answered inquiries regarding this model horn MANY time previously. Please check the archives.
by Average Joe - 4 days ago
The model IS "PRELUDE". It was a student level Taiwanese manufactured horn, made for Selmer USA.
by Average Joe - 4 days ago
I think Mark VII's are great horns as well. But I don't know why anyone would willingly choose a VII over a Ref 54, unless it was a money issue. Market value of Ref 54 saxes is way higher ...
by azuka - 4 days ago
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