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Checking a sax for leaky keys by eastharlemghost
First, check the pads. Then, if you have a sax light, check to see if you have any leaks. You can do this simple procedure yourself. Check above the F key, there should be two adjustment screws on a long rod... see them? This adjustment is easy to do. Run the light into the top of your horn and settle it where the F and G# are. Now, hold down and open, repeat with either your lower Bb or ...

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I have a conn dec 8 <phone> a 100087 l sax just looks old any idea in value
by guss - 4 hours ago
My daughter is interested in playing sax . We still have my husbands Vito 7131r from high school but it looks rough. I'm just curious if it canbe refinished, if it is worth it & around how ...
by Guest - 14 hours ago
How much is my sax worth? Its CG Conn-Elkhart, Indiana, Williams / Winnipeg Patented December 8, <phone> S M 141964 L This soprano ? sax is brass colored with patina and has mother of ...
by Elizabeth L. Davis - 18 hours ago
hi my dad saxophone with no marking except the number 8532 can you help?
by Guest - 21 hours ago
how can I find out how much my conn saxophone is worth?
by Guest - 23 hours ago
Thanks, Alvin, I will look for it. Why don't you sign up?
by jade - 2 days ago
hi can you tell me about my bundy alto sax with sn# 455131 at the back...thanks
by Guest - 2 days ago
how much is this horn really worth: Conn Alto M VIII "Naked Lady" serial number 298xxx, in gold with mother of pearl and rolled tone holes wear on some keys, you can tune the neck, the ...
by praxisi - 2 days ago
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