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What is the difference between Conn Ltd and Pan American saxophones? by badenia
Vintage CG Conn, image by Brent M Pan American, image by Brutus Sax man Trevor wrote: I have a 1923 CG conn and also a PanAmerican from the 20s they are absolutely identical in every way except the Conn has rolled tone holes and a micro tuner ...
Italian Saxophones by Average Joe
Italian saxophones in general are the "Rodney Dangerfield" of the saxophone world, with the two exceptions mentioned later. Nearly all of those produced during the 1950's through to the 1990's are student horns, such as the one in the photos ...

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Jude, Excellent advice. I used to frequent pawn shops, 2nd hand stores, estate and garage sales looking for musical and non-musical treasures. Great fun that lead to excessive clutter. ...
by azuka - 23 hours ago
Does it look like the photo below? That would be a Conn Shooting Star alto.
by azuka - 23 hours ago
Thanks very much for the very useful information! Lots to think about.
by krash22 - 2 days ago
This horn was manufactured in late 1952. This one is a model 58M. The 'M' just stands for 'sax.' Conn and its subsidiaries used letters of the alphabet to denote what sort of instrument ...
by azuka - 3 days ago
okay,once again average-joe,you are helping me see the light....! i did have a baritone called a 14M i think that had some similar keywork and the rolled tone-holes....serial#792xxx..... ...
by secondhandsaxes - 4 days ago
Yes, I play the bass. Thanks for you suggestion.
by BassMaster - 4 days ago
I have a 1967 10M in my collection, and concur that they are great horns at a much lower price than the rolled tone hole incarnations.
by Average Joe - 4 days ago

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