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I have a CG Conn patd dec 8 1914 and it is a C sax the number below the c is 110085 and then the letter L is below that number. There are no stars on the bell.I know this was my grandmothers and my mom who is 80 years old remembers her playing it when she was little. There are no stars on the horn and the interior of the bell is gold color. My mom says it is a silver sax. Does anyone have any idea of it's worth?

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Hard to say. This is the first time anyone has come on here asking about the value of an old Conn saxophone.

4 years ago#3
Mary Ellen

do you know where I could look to find out?

3 years ago#4

I also have one and it's PAT'D is Dec. 8, 1914 with serial numbers 1119954 A and M213505 L.. I am also looking for answers because I also want to sell it..

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