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i have a silver
conn saxaphone which was made in 1914 how much is it worth

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what is a conn 181$ silver sax worth

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Probably not made in 1914. That's the patent date engraved on many horns of that era. There should be a serial number just below that 1914 date. Can you read that off?

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J Imperato

I have the same Saxophone made December 3rd <phone> A M193129 L Silver with Pearl Keys

It was my Father's and he was born in 1914.
Please let me know the value Thank you,


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J Imperato,

Your horn was made in 1927 (this is determined by the serial number against Conn's own catalog), NOT 1914.

Your horn would be brass, with silver PLATE finish. It is a Conn New Wonder Series II model Alto, Low Pitch, BTW.

Value depends on condition, type of engraving etc. However you can expect to get somewhere in the $1,000 to $1,300 range for an average to very good example.

To both you and the OP,

The 1914 patent date is for the William S. Haynes drawn tone hole process used in making the horn, and has nothing to do with the year of manufacture of the horn itself.

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