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I have an old Conn clarinet that I played in jr. high and high school band back in the 60's. I think it's in the Director series but I'm not sure if I've found a serial number. There is a number on the lower piece of 886620. I would like to know if it is worth having refurbished for one of my grandchildren to learn on. It has literally sat in its case on a shelf (unfortunately sometimes in less than ideal conditions) since 1967. It would definitely need a good cleaning and pads replaced--for starters. Any idea of what the cost would be to put it into playing condition again?

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I have an old Conn Director wooden clarinet. It was a great cheap instrument that I re-padded myself, and enjoyed playing as a second axe. Unfortunately, a key broke on it a couple of years ago and I had difficulty finding a replacement, so I retired the instrument. It would most likely be a decent instrument for your grandchild to start on.

Don't spend a lot of money, however, having it refurbished - I would say that if it needs more than $100 in repair (this is probably the case), it's not worth it. You might want to visually inspect it for cracks before even considering having it repaired. I've seen these on eBay very cheaply priced.

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