1 year ago
Del Jones

Hi I have recently bought a 1952 Selmer SBA tenor sax which has 90% of its original silver plating in place.

There is nice engraving to the bell and bow.

Serial number 49184

Any SBA experts out there?

Bell engraved
Fabrique en France
par H Selmer & Co
Place Dancourt Paris
Sole Agents British Empire
Ex Canada
Made In France

A fabulous sax but....Can anyone explain why the sole agent is British Empire and excludes Canada?

Is silver plated SBA more valuable than lacquered brass?

Thank you

1 year ago
Average Joe
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This is the minimum information that must be provided for an assessment, identification, and monetary evaluation:

1. Good photos of the entire horn, back and front.
2. A thorough listing of any and all markings, serial numbers, make/model names etc. stamped or engraved on the instrument.
3. Any anecdotal history of the instrument in question that might be available (Such as "my grandfather bought it in NY, NY in 1940 I'm told" etc.)

Condition and other details that require good photos AT A MINIMUM to accurately assess are paramount regarding a horn's value. Without that information, an accurate monetary evaluation is impossible.

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