What is your opinion of a Monique Pro Soprano Sax? My wife plays a Selmer s...

What is your opinion of a Monique Pro Soprano Sax? My wife plays a Selmer super 80 alto in big bands. The soprano would be a "for fun" horn and may not see much gigging.

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1 month ago #2
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this brand is below average....
soprano's are hard enough to play without purchasing a rubbish brand ,and as she plays a top professional saxophone,she wouldn't like it....
hope this helps....

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1 month ago #3
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The use of the word 'professional model' is totally subjective based on the opinion of the person trying to sell the instrument.

If you've kicked around ebay a bit, you'll be amazed at the number of unknown brands and makes of 'professional' saxes afflict the site at prices for which you could not buy an entry level Yamaha or Selmer USA sax.

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1 month ago #4
Average Joe
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As Secondhandsaxes and Azuka have pointed out, Monique is one of the worst among an already excessive supply of cheap Chinese made horns. These were first offered by Dominique's Music, a retail store specializing in super cheap instruments. This retailer was buried by the proliferation of Ebay offerings, and the market is now awash with similarly sub standard Chinese horns from every imaginable source.

Stay away from these saxophone shaped objects.

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