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Sendefu mouthpieces and Sahduoo saxophones- Changing by Tkipfer
This saxophone world is changing every year. NAMM 18 is the musical showcase for all musical gear. To see saxophone section, you'll want to Google Namm 18 saxophones. Its worth looking at the YouTube videos featured at NAMM. NAMM is short for ...
Early Holton pictures by SkippyG
Historical research in the works, this Holton is approximately a 1920. If you have a Holton please post some pictures and the serial number. There are some enthusiasts trying to build a historical archive for everyone to enjoy ! Cheers, Skippy ...

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What you're describing is only a regulation issue. Your music tech guy will place the horn back in the right specs to make the low notes come out perfectly. This is a beautiful horn. Tkipfer
by Tkipfer - 9 hours ago
I have a similar, serial number 180904. These were on sale at Boosey & Hawkes before 1971, as I have an advertisement with pre-decimal pricing. We believe they were made in Czechoslovakia ...
by Chris Mills - 12 hours ago
send the full number please,or at least the next one or 2 digits. this will tel me... cheers,philip
by secondhandsaxes - 20 hours ago
send in some photos ... cheers,philip
by secondhandsaxes - 1 day ago
Thanks for the review! What do you think it is about these mouthpieces that makes you like them so much compared to others?
by Vale - 1 day ago
these usually sell between $700-$1200... yours looks to be at the higher end of the scale... if you are wanting to sell this one,then its a good idea to become a member here so you can ...
by secondhandsaxes - 1 day ago
Buy a series 2 super action better than mk6 in my opinion.
by FjBourliea - 2 days ago

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