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Sendefu mouthpieces and Sahduoo saxophones- Changing by Tkipfer
This saxophone world is changing every year. NAMM 18 is the musical showcase for all musical gear. To see saxophone section, you'll want to Google Namm 18 saxophones. Its worth looking at the YouTube videos featured at NAMM. NAMM is short for ...
Early Holton pictures by SkippyG
Historical research in the works, this Holton is approximately a 1920. If you have a Holton please post some pictures and the serial number. There are some enthusiasts trying to build a historical archive for everyone to enjoy ! Cheers, Skippy ...

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Many years ago I bought an Indiana alto identical to the one in the photos above. I really liked it and it had a very unique husky voice that I have not run into since with any sax, ...
by azuka - 27 minutes ago
Occasionally, you can find a sax of modest value that has a valuable mouthpiece with it. But like anything it depends on exactly what you have. Most of the time, the sax is going to be ...
by azuka - 30 minutes ago
More pics https://www.saxophonepeople.com/images/
by Slipway - 56 minutes ago
Dan, the original thread is over five years old. I'm pretty sure that he made his mind up eons ago. ;)
by Average Joe - 1 day ago
photos are really important.... front,back,both sides of neck,engraving,serial# area,big bend underneath,case,mouthpieces... these are lovely saxophones and if it has the bigB on the ...
by secondhandsaxes - 1 day ago

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