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Historical research in the works, this Holton is approximately a 1920. If you have a Holton please post some pictures and the serial number. There are some enthusiasts trying to build a historical archive for everyone to enjoy ! Cheers, Skippy

Update 1/15/18

This Holton is an alto “ Revelation “ Holton’s first model. Chicago made #5456 L.P. (Low Pitch). The community is working on dating so, it may be a 1918 or 1920. As it appears, the factory closed sometime in spring of 1918 and reopened again in 1920 in Chicago, then moved to Elkhart. History and serial number registry is still being researched by members of the forums. From what I have been told, the high F teardrop or palm styled key is unusual. Also, there is a right hand lower high F bar key. Studies show that pearls were common after 1917. The keys have no pearls and the table rollers are black. The pads are likely to be original, if not, changed in the 30s. No resonators and only few have 1/8” rivets. The tone holes are soldered on and straight. Overall measurement from the bottom of the bow to the neck tendon measures a close 22 inches like an alto should. It kind of plays. Tried three mouthpieces, has more leaks than a spaghetti strainer. Had to try😎


PS, my daughter is the one that plays the bongos.🥁

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  • Vale: Do you think that you will try to restore this one so that you can play it?
  • SkippyG: Yes I will make it playable, restored, no.
    I have actually already photographed it in detail for cork placement and size. A few of the pads I’ve already refloated and got to seal. No bending of the keys. Digging through my pile to see if I have a couple of compatible lower pads. I’m not going to get that fussy for something only occasionally played. Will make it proper and solid.No Roo repad.
    Mechanically it’s in really good shape.
    The previous owners loved and cared for this instrument for many years(98-100!).
    Most likely I will disassemble to clean the mechanicals and oil. Otherwise I intend to leave the patina largely intact.
    It can only be original once!
  • Vale: Maybe you can record yourself playing it when you’ve finished and add it to the blog!
  • SkippyG: Would love to, although I may acquire a stand-in performer. I know I man that’s quite talented on the older vintage horn’s and may display it’s finer qualities better than I.
  • Vale: :D Maybe you can post 2 videos

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