I have a York saxophone made in Michigan 1928 serial number 91379 it has a ...

I have a York saxophone made in Michigan 1928 serial number 91379 it has a naked lady engraved on it I’ve compared to other saxophones with naked ladies Greta engraved on it and I’ve seen none similar I want to sell it

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This sort of engraving is generally a one-of-a-kind version, so it's very unlikely anyone has ever seen this exact engraving before or since yours was made.

That is an awesome engraving by the way. I've had a number of Conn's with exotic engraving, often with a nude or semi-nude woman on it. Always very cool.

On the negative side, York is not a company with much of a following, at least not their saxes. It's likely your horn will need a complete repad and this will probably cost more than your horn is worth.

I'd think you could get at least $200 for it as-is.

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This poster also left the following commentary regarding this horn elsewhere. I've copied it below, as it does not belong as a response to a blog where it was originally placed:

"I’ve got a saxophone 1928 serial number 91379 has a naked lady on it standing up doesn’t look like any of the other naked lady saxophones I’ve seen , it’s a York from Michigan, I want to sell it I don’t even know what it’s worth I know nothing about saxophones I’ve been having it for 23 years I bought it at a garage sale thinking I was going to be a saxophone player one day"

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Thank you so much for all the info, the first year I owned it I was blowing through it with out reeds , I suck as a sax player but it does make a good elk call, I do wish there was a demand for this pretty little saxophone, I do agree it will take a lot of work to bring it back playable, but wow ! It’s a real antique, no one can deny , almost 100 years old

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yes,its a beauty.....1
looks like it might even be gold plated....
good wall hanger or elk-caller for sure....!


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Hi David, l hear you saying something unique about this York. Would you please measure from the bottom to top of horn body. That will tell us what type of saxophone it is. You've got my curiosity activated. I'm wondering if you have a neck and mouthpiece as well. I'm looking for a saxophone measuring about 19 inches or 19 1/2. Post your measurements please. Tkipfer

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